By Maria Irimia 4B

The story I’m about to tell you is about a boy named Josh. He was ten years old when he went back in time. He was blonde with blue eyes.

The story began like this. It was a stormy night and Josh couldn’t sleep, he decided to read a dinosaurs book. It was amazing how they could run that fast. Josh fell asleep thinking about a cool dinosaur named T-Rex. Suddenly, he started dreaming that he was in one of the Dinosaurs’ Age, the Jurassic. “I went back in time!!!!”, he said in his dream.

A dinosaur saw him standing next to the some big rocks, and it ran to him. Josh decided to walk behind the trees and the bushes, he didn’t run because he was thinking that the dinosaurs would think that he is food.

After a little bit, a big rock fell from the sky, it was an asteroid. Josh was running as fast as he could, he was hit by a dinosaur that was carrying some big eggs, some dinosaur eggs. Josh realized it was just a dream, and he woke up.

When he woke up, he saw his mum in the room. She told him she was filming him how he was moving and talking in his sleep. After some years, he watched the video of him, laughed so loudly, made so much noise, and told his mum that the dream was very realistic.