By Mihai Simon Andrei and Geru Nicolas (class 4 B)

It was a beautiful summer day. I was trying to make a human-like moving robot with my friend, Simon. After five weeks of work, we did it.

We went into the robot, which was like a costume for two people. We turned it on, and suddenly it took us somewhere else, an unknown place for us. Then, Simon said:

  • Hey, look! Is that a dinosaur?!
  • I think….yes! You know what this means?
  • We’re back in time!
  • Yes, we’re back in time!!!!! Wow!!!!!
  • It’s much weirder than I thought. Let’s get off the robot and explore!
  • All these plants, trees, are so…Jurassic like. It’s so hot and wet here!
  • Look there!!!! A T-Rex!! Shall we stay still or run?!
  • I don’t think he saw us. Oh!! Another T-Rex is here!! Maybe they’re a pair.
  • Or they are going to fight for something. They look angry.
  • I’m sure you’re right. Look, they started the fight! Who do you think is going to win?
  • Maybe the first one we saw. It looks like it’s winning. Wait! I’ve got an idea. Do you have your phone with you? What about a knife?

One of them had the phone in the pocket.

  • Look, I got my phone!
  • Fast, take a photo now!!
  • But why do we need a knife?
  • Listen, we can get some dinosaur skin if one dies.
  • Ok, but are you sure it’s safe?
  • Not quite…but we don’t have a knife anyway. Let’s find a sharp piece of wood instead.


They didn’t find something sharp enough, so they had to go back in their lab to get a knife.


  • Ok, we need to travel to 2019. Let’s go!


They went back to their robot, and they tried to do the opposite of what they’ve done to go in 2019, but it didn’t work well.


  • What are we going to do? I said.
  • Maybe it’s out of fuel.
  • Already?! This is so scary…
  • Let me check. I’ve got some bad news. We’re out of fuel! But I got some good news, too.
  • What are they?
  • While you fell asleep, I have made an engine in the robot that can make fuel out of every thing.
  • Wow!!
  • But we need some wood to make fuel. Let’s go grab some wood now.


After some time, Simon and Nick had enough wood and other materials to power up the machine, but something strange happened.


  • Look! I found a battle axe!
  • You found a battle axe? Where from?
  • I found it in a tree. I think we need to grab it.
  • For what?
  • I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure someone else is here.
  • Let it there now, then.


After some time, we were able to travel to 2019. It took a lot of time to get sticks and wood.


  • Are you ready? I asked Simon.
  • Yes!
  • Let’s power up the robot!


In a second, we were again in 2019, in our lab.


  • Done! I got the knife. We can go back now and take some dinosaur skin.
  • Shall we go back…?
  • I don’t know…maybe not…
  • Let’s not…
  • Shall we keep this as a secret?, Simon asked.
  • Of course! We’ll not tell anyone.