By Sofia Maria Jiga, class 4 A

Suddenly, I was there…in the Prehistoric Age…there were hundreds and thousands of majestic dinosaurs. I couldn’t believe my eyes…I was out of breath.

Two Months Before

  • I finally did it!!!!
  • Harold, you genius! Do you even realise what you just did, my boy?? Ohh, you’ll be a billionaire!!! I’m so proud of you!!
  • Thank you, John! But now, if you leave me, I will really appreciate it! Thank you!
  • Wha-What?! B-b-but why?
  • As I’m a genius now, as you said, I no longer need your assistance anymore. So, good bye!
  • B-b-but…

And the door slammed behind John. “Oh…that hurt my shoulder, and my feelings…”

  • Now, I just have to make a plan and get supplies and I’ll be ready to go!

After a short amount of time, I was ready, so I hopped in the time machine, and set the year to zero, which of course it didn’t work. So, I set it ti the Prehistoric Age, and this time it worked! I grabbed my supplies and pulled down the lever and, in less than a second, I was there.

At the exit of the time travel machine, a stegosaurus welcomed me, well…it wasn’t really a welcome, it was more like an awkward stare, and then it kept eating leaves. Then, it was the right moment so I ran to the nearest tree, which turned to be a T-Rex’s tail. At that point, I climbed it and tried to fight the T-Rex, but he threw me back into the time machine. When I teleported back, I saw John, I hugged him and I promised him that I’ll always need him by my side. He didn’t know what I was talking about, but I was happy to have my best friend back.