By Eliza-Mihaela Serban (class 4A)

I was there. I was in the Jurassic Era, I guess. There were lots and lots of dinosaurs.

Suddenly, someone called my name…

  • Lizi, Lizi, look back!
  • Ahhh! Suzy! You scared me! There’s nothing.
  • Come on, it was just a joke.
  • Fine, but…where are we? All I can remember is that we went in an abandoned house and we saw a dinosaurs book, and we opened it…
  • That’s what I remember, too.
  • Strange…Hey, watch ouuuuuuttttt! A dinosaur!!
  • Ahhhh, run! It’s coming after us!
  • Here, in this cave!
  • Ok, Suzy, but it’s too small, I can’t fit in.
  • Yes, you can. Try harder.
  • Ahhh, done. I’m in. We’re safe now.


The girls fell asleep.

The next morning, the earth started shaking. The two girls woke up. It was twelve o’clock. Two big dinosaurs were fighting outside their cave. Then, they saw a huge fire ball falling to the sky. It was a meteoroid.

  • Oh, no! We have to escape. Let’s run from here!!!!

Suzy and Lizi ran, until they found a blue portal. They jumped in and they woke up in their comfy beds.

They thought it was just a dream. But…was it?!…