By Robert Marian Bogdan (class 4 B)

Part I

Uhm, yeah…dinosaurs…I can explain this. So, one day, I woke up in a weird room with a scientist. He said this to me:

  • Hello! You are in my secret lab, I will teleport you to the Dinosaurs’ Period.
  • Why do you want to do this, why me?
  • It’s an experiment, if it goes wrong…then you will be stuck there. FOREVER!
  • God, I’m so scared!!!!!!

…then, he showed me a time machine and he pushed me in.

Part II

Suddenly, I was there. The dinosaurs…I was with them, they were with me. I saw a bush and I decided to hide in there.

I was on my phone (which somehow, was in my pocket), when I heard a roar.

  • Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

At that moment, I thought I’m dead, but I survived because it was a friendly dinosaur.

  • Hello, kind man! How did you get here?
  • Well, you see, I got teleported…if you even know what that means.
  • Oh, yeah! I remember when I got teleported to a different world. I was a lab rat for a type of experiment. It was about…
  • Well, that’s sad…uhmm I gotta go now!
  • Hey…Ok, bye!

Part III

-…../.-. – . –../-… . –.-. -.-/…. – –.

The road back home wasn’t hard. But I was still creeped out and scared. Time passed by and I don’t know what happened to that scientist…I never heard about him from that moment on.